Cowan Community Publications

About us

Cowan Community Publications is a family run business offering targeted advertising to local businesses.

When it is more important than ever to attract new customers, Canalside, The South Edinburgh Directory and the Broughty Spotlight give our advertisers a proven low-cost way to capture their target market.

Most of our advertisers choose to advertise on a regular basis, because they have simply found that it works.

Our magazines go out to areas chosen specifically for their demographic and potential customer base.  It is economic and effective.

Each A5 full colour glossy magazine is produced monthly.  Canalside magazine and The South Edinburgh Directory each have a total distribution of over 5,000 copies delivered directly through letterboxes and to local businesses.  The Broughty Spotlight has a total distribution of 8,250 copies.

Further copies of the magazines are also placed in local churches, cafes, shops and libraries.

Alongside the adverts, the magazines editorial content is full of local information about the community and its residents, including a whats on guide, local history and news, plus lifestyle features.

Amazing results! I’ve been using Canalside Edinburgh for five years and it’s helped my business grow. Great return on investment and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.
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